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Telecare service

Helping you to stay safe and independent in your own home.

Telecare is a service designed to help you to live safely and independently in your home. Should an accident or other emergency occur, Telecare provides you with the ability to call for help 24 hours a day, enabling you to carry on living your life safe in the knowledge that if a situation arises, you can get help quickly.

How does it work?

The lightweight, discreet pendant will work anywhere in the average house or garden. It can be worn around the neck or on the wrist and is easy and comfortable to wear. When you need help, you simply press the alarm button on the pendant or on the alarm unit, and you will be connected to one of our friendly Telecare advisors in our monitoring and response centre. They can call your nominated contacts telling them that you need help and can stay on the line to reassure you until assistance arrives.

If you do not have family or friends able to help you in an emergency, we have fully trained mobile responders who are available 24 hours a day should you need them. Though the mobile responders are not an emergency service, they undertake to get to you as quickly as possible. If you are not hurt but need assistance getting up, they will help you.

We also have a range of assistive technologies to provide support if you would have difficulty using the alarm and pendant, for example, due to a long-term health condition or problems with your memory. These technologies can provide automatic alerts to situations such as falls, fire, seizures, reminding you to take medication or that a door is open, and we can tailor the equipment to fit your individual needs.

Do I have to pay?

The Telecare Service is provided free of charge to people in receipt of certain benefits. If the Council has arranged for you to receive care and support, Telecare will be included in the contribution you are asked to pay for your care. If the above circumstances do not apply to you, you are still able to benefit from the service. Interested in finding out what level of service you are eligible for? Please click on the Telecare Eligibility Checker below to find out:

Telecare Eligibility Checker


Telecare packages

Select from the headings below to see which level meets your needs.

The standard Telecare service comprises of an alarm unit, pendant, keysafe and if required a smoke detector.

This service is available to you where you have two local responders to attend to help you at any time. They could be a family member, neighbour or friend.

As Level 1, but you may prefer to have our Telecare Response Service which is available in addition to, or instead of family or friends.

Should an alarm be activated, and you need help in an emergency, two responders will visit your home and provide the appropriate assistance. For example, if you have fallen, are not hurt but need help getting up.

As Level 1, but with a range of additional Telecare detectors and sensors appropriate to your needs.

Like Level 1, this service is available to you where you have two responders, either a family member, neighbour, carer or friend who agree to respond to an emergency call as required.

As level 3, but with access to the Telecare Response Service.

How do I sign up to Telecare?

You can access Telecare for yourself or on behalf of someone else by completing the application form and sending it to us by email or post. We will need to know about the person the referral is for, including any medical conditions. Once a referral is received, our Telecare team will get in touch to discuss how the service might help you.

We will talk you through your options and agree what service would be best for you, including any charges that will apply. Our top priority is to make sure you can live safely and independently in your home. If you’re interested in the service but aren’t sure whether it’s for you, get in touch and we’ll happily tell you everything you need to know.

If you need help completing the form or if you have any questions, please contact the Telecare team on 01902 553585 or email