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Living safely with Covid-19

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Your health and wellbeing remains our priority, and as we are learning to live with Covid-19, there's still things we need to do to protect our communities, as well as maintain our services.

Covid-19 has not gone away, so when we come to visit you at home, please keep in mind the following to keep you, your family and colleagues safe:

  • if you have any Covid-19 symptoms, please let us know so we can take the necessary precautions¬†
  • please maintain a social distance of at least two metres. If you are able to go into a different room whilst work is being done, that may help too
  • please ensure that the room where our staff are working is well ventilated. This can be achieved by opening windows

Whilst mask wearing is no longer mandatory colleagues are happy to wear one on your request. Thank you for your cooperation and stay safe.